Your ultimate guide to POPTASTIC @Colognepride Saturday July 4, 2015!

Welcome to ColognePride, welcome to POPTASTIC!
Before we start: Here’s the Facebook link for this event.

Alright… What’s is POPTASTIC all about?
Pop music, dancing, flirting, fun with Hundreds of boys and girls from Cologne and our beloved Colognepride visitors. This is the 112th edition of POPTASTIC so be sure that we know how to make this event an amazing night for you. Here are some photos for you to get in the mood! And a video:

Where is it?
POPTASTIC is at Venue Weekendclub Cologne – only a few hundred meters away from the main stage at Cologne City Centre. Here’s a map:

POPTASTIC starts at 10pm. Entry is 9 Euro after Midnight or 7 Euro if you enter before midnight. Last song is at 6am.

Our resident DJs Ralf Rotterdam and DJ Kris are true pop warriors. Both of them have been playing POPTASTIC for several years. We’re posting their current top 10 lists right before the party so you know what to expect at peak time. Have a closer look over here and here!

POPTASTIC stands for 300% Pop music only. Signature acts consist of Kylie, Britney, S-Club 7, Katy Perry, Gaga, Rihanna, Years & Years, September, Robyn, Eric Saade, Madonna, Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, Kelly Clarkson, Agnes, Cascada, Mia, S-Club 7 and many more. Check out our 10 YEARS POPTASTIC TOP 50 LIST as voted by our guests.

What else
There are free sweets for your pleasure and we have the exklusive Pimmeldisco at the bathrooms with separate music so you enjoy your time at the loo or in front of the mirror 😉

What not to expect
POPTASTIC is a pop party so don’t expect progressive house or  muscle bears in underwear (although everyone is welcome) or a darkroom.

Get in the mood!
We have several Spotify playlists available for you! Here are the three you might want to check-out while planning.

We can’t wait!